2017-11-22 20:00:39 by Skiddle

all alone, as usual. i need actual music softwares to make great music. i'm fucking trash at everything.


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2017-11-23 13:03:09

What is an actual music software? I use FL studio and i think i can muster some dope tunes using Only standard plugins. :)

Skiddle responds:

I don't have the pc version


2017-12-03 21:55:52

If you really want to get serious I would seriously consider buying FL Studio on PC. It's pretty expensive (starting at $99) but it'll definitely be worth it. It's not even that hard to learn there's tons of tutorial on Youtube and such. But yeah, that's the only software I can recommend to you (since it's the only one I've used) otherwise scour Google looking for free DAWs.

Hope this helps :)