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The migration of GD kids to NG was the worst thing to happen to this website.

Posted by Skiddle - September 25th, 2018

Like, honestly. On almost every song the review, they ask: "CAN I USE THIS IN GD?/!?!?!???1?!!?1!?!?!?!!!1111!!". Like fuck offf, it gets so fucking annoying seeing it everywhere. I admit, I used to be one of them, but I've moved away from GD into other things. so whenever I see it, it pisses me the fuck off.


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its true, the gd community sux

GD what is it?

Geometry Dash

You could never be more right. I mean I play GD every now and then, because building levels is fun. But honestly I can’t even find fun in that when the community is so toxic. It’s physically painful when I see people asking to use songs in GD. They don’t need permission; if he artist enables the option, it can be used in GD. But that’s besides he point. They basically devalue music by whining about geometry dash. Go to the comments of any Xtrullor or Rukkus song, and you’ll see what I mean. *REEEEEEEEEE THIS SONG IS FROM GD OML SO COOL YES* no. Respect the music. Please. I feel like even if every single Gd player read and understood this, they still wouldn’t change anything.

Okay, look, I understand what you're saying, but, if I'm being blunt...the way I see it, it's like...all the artists who complain about GD...their biggest fan-bases are in the GD community. Look at Xtrullor and Creo. They both hate Geometry Dash with a burning passion...but at this point, who are they without GD? I, like Dex Arson, prefer to embrace the Geometry Dash community instead, because I know it's my biggest fanbase (and, if you look at the tags on my songs, I advertise directly to the GD community). So, much as people want to complain about people asking to use their songs in GD...most of 'em really can't say no, because they rely on GD to stay relevant in some form or another.

But Xtrullor and Creo don't WANT this type of attention. It gets really annoying, with all of their ongs being spammed with "WHAT IS THE ID??????????" or "MAKING A LEVEL WITH THIS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". Like fuck of kid, no one actually cares.

@djn3utral123r @Skiddle ...you do have a point. However, again: they cannot afford to simply cut off their entire GD-playing fan bases. And at the same time, I don't imagine the GD players mean ill by those comments. Perhaps in a more annoying way, but that is in some sense their way of expressing appreciation for the song. ...understand, this is coming from a Geometry Dash player myself.

You can have your own take on the matter, but this is my thoughts on the community. Admittedly, I do ask for song titles and artists myself every now and then, but that's mostly because I want to find the original YT uploads for those songs and give them a like, or so I can find the songs on iTunes to buy. :/

It can get annoying. On the other hand I'm happy GD made Newgrounds artists get tons of new fans and recognition