2017-05-16 10:56:16 by Skiddle

I got 100 followers on Soundcloud & 70 followers here on Newgrounds! Thanks a lot, guys! I love you all so much <3 ~Skiddle


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2017-05-16 15:34:42

Honestly, I never got to have true SoundCloud followers. I mean, I post a track, and I only have followers for brief days. They leave overtime, or are just inactive followers. However, from the few reasons why I don't like SoundCloud, is because of FUCKING (sorry for the word) SPAM when it's about reposting my songs! I assume that happened to you once, not?

Apparently, despite my un-frequent, but concise activity, the Follower/Fan scale never got up to 8... do they even know I will trigger my anger issues in no time? :(

Skiddle responds:

That sucks, C. Most of my followers are inactive, but yeah :p I think I gained most of mine by uploading Novacore tracks that weren't on SC lol


2017-05-19 11:25:27