So bored

2017-08-23 18:15:58 by Skiddle

I can't make music, I can't play many video gaames, and there's nothing to do where I live. 


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2017-08-23 18:46:14

Then talk to me!

Skiddle responds:

Can't atm, dood. Maybe later :p


2017-08-23 18:48:55

Ahh ok


2017-08-23 19:46:38

Is this cuz ur phone got taken?


2017-08-23 23:59:06

This is an oportunity for change any habits... you can sprint around your city, meet any friends, study, anything. The life is not Internet only! :/

Skiddle responds:

I'm rarely on the internet, I don't live in a city, don't really have friends,and ST-STUDY?! I DON'T HAVE SCHOOL YET


2017-08-24 06:52:29

Now's the time to think about your actions. What did you do and what didn't you do to end up with the consequence? Also there is lots more to do than just scrolling through the internet! Read a book, walk around your neighborhood, hang out with friends! clean your room if your bored [I do that all the time] :)

Skiddle responds:

Don't really have friends, and my parents would make me take my annoying doggo


2017-08-24 20:20:26

Well, read a simple book or try to make some art...

Skiddle responds:

Tbh I can't draw.


2017-08-28 10:16:17

I don't know what to do either.


2017-09-02 13:27:29

uSe YoUr ImAgInAtIoN


2017-09-05 04:52:28

I often read books. Try that:)