For fucks sakes, Sam.

2017-09-11 18:51:43 by Skiddle

Ok. If you play GD, you most likely have heard of Sea1997. He is well known for making documentaries. But, he has stooped SO low. 


Ok, so he released this AWFUL diss track called 'Wannabe" and he just went after a younger, smaller youtuber named Cyrillic (a9b2c8 here on newgrounds). This feud all started when Sea made a video where in it he says "Kim Jong-Un, I mean...Cyrillic" , and Cyrillic found that as racist. So he made a few videos on it. Sea made a response video, and Cyrillic made some more vids. Than Sea released Wannabe. And oh my god did he make ME mad. 


He fat shamed Cy. He called him Kim Jong-Il's son. He called him the worst disaster since 9 FUCKING 11. Sorry if I'm getting mad over a diss track, but still, Cy didn't really do anything to you. It's all your fault, Sea.


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2017-09-12 22:41:34

Oh god why ppl do this? ._. this things called "diss tracks" are childish AF. I'm tired of all this trending stupid sh*t, I hope all this stop ;-;


2017-09-24 01:01:22

you are very true



2017-11-11 18:51:09

Calm down. It's just a song. You made songs all the time ffs. And did you just compare 12 year old name calling to a TERRORIST ATTACK WHERE THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE LOST THEIR LIVES?????? humanity has stooped so low.

Skiddle responds:

Sam did, not me


2017-11-12 11:32:16

oh, it's hard to read. anyway, it's still just 12 yo name calling